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Monday, August 25, 2008

tAggEd LaGi

Wak!!!!... this is my 4th tagged.. Kali ni dari Kak Ellyn jugak..huhu~~

Let’s start…

1) What is the most important things in ur life?
My mak,My Abah, My Atuk, My family, My Friend, Love & Money

2)What is the last thing that u bought with ur own money
My googles T-shirt..

3) Where do u wish to get married
Nikah = Rumah atuk, Sanding = Wisma Sejarah

4)How old do u think u will be permanently owned by ur love?
Always.. Erm..Allah will decide..

5) Are u in love?
Yeap!! Every day. With him~~

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner
Pizza Hut

7) Name he latest book that u bought
Luper arr… Sayang bought for me..

8) What is full name
Nurmala Bte Mazlan..

9) Do u prefer ur mother or father?
Both.. plus my Atuk

10) Name a person that u really wish to meet in real life for the 1st time?

11) Christina or Britney
Both are out!!! Siti Nurhaliza

12) Do u do ur own laundry?

13) The most exiciting place u want to go
Of course Mekah.. Else.. Venice & Mauritius

14) Hugs or kisses

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged u
Woman, Daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister…

16) 8 things i am passionate about
My Sayang, My Mak, My Atuk, Blogging, Shopping, Novel, Make Up, Shoe + Clothes

17) 8 things i say too often
Sayang, I Love You, Ek, Ok², Ha’ah, Thank you, je, watpe tu,

18) 4 books i've reed recently
Magazine - EH!, Pesona Pengantin, Ratu Sehari, Novel

19) 8 songs i could listen to over and over again
Siti Nurhaliza Songs
Kekasih Gelapku - Ungu
My baby you - Marc Anthony
Tapi Bukan Aku - Kerispatih
Sandaran Hati - Letto
Aku Bukan Untukmu - Rossa
Sonata Musim Salju - Hazami
Satu Penantian - Dwen

20) 8 things i learned last year...
A Lot of things i've learned last year.. Not only 8

8 people to tag :-
Tak mo tag sesapa boleh??

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